Artist Angela Rene Roberts

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA July 3rd 1991, Angela began drawing obviously more than the average child as soon as she could physically handle the pencils. She drew family portraits in graphite at the age of 8 with her first commissions of a near professional quality performed for others at the age of 10. Charcoal works as a teenager were impressive even to professional artists. Urged to pursue success in a more lucrative field through academics, and coached to leverage her athletic prowess to ensure academic opportunities, drawing beyond architecture assignments was halted. But the love for it lingered in her veins.

She became a nationally renowned track and field athlete in high school, earning a multitude of scholarships from which to choose. Suffering a severe concussion in a hurdles accident gravely complicated her collegiate junior year in 2011. Her athletic ability and academic performance was adversely affected just long enough to lose her scholarship. While suffering depression, she returned to self-expression through drawing and began to more fully explore her previously suppressed love for modeling. As an aspiring model interested in artistic projects, Angela explored casting calls and contacted many photographers and artists. One photographer in particular recognized her uncommon artistic potential and introduced her to the world of fine body art and special effects makeup in 2012.

Her transition from drawing skills on two-dimensional media to painting on the dynamic human form quickly evolved if not erupted. World-wide attention led to the encouragement and mentorship of some of the world’s most recognized body art talents. Although ill and unhappy with her first World Bodypainting Festival performance, she learned much from the experience about the art, the artists, and herself. Angela rebounded with a sweeping win of the New Orleans regional RAW Natural Born Artist competition, and was announced the U.S. National winner as Makeup Artist of the Year in 2014. Later in 2014 she became the youngest contestant on Game Show Networks “Skin Wars” season one at age 22. She now continues to compete in national and international body painting competitions. Her love for the art and learning continues, with potential limits unknown.

-2015 World Body Painting Festival(WBF) Show Award (Presentation Award
-6th Place Brush and Sponge Pro Category WBF
-Top 6 IFAB 2014
-Living Art America: Audience Choice Award 2014
-4th Place Living Art Greensboro 2014
-Raw Natural Born Artist (National MUA of the Year 2013)
-Raw Natural Born Artist (New Orleans Regional MUA of the Year 2013)
-1st (Jury Vote) 2013 Fardel Cosmetics

angela rene roberts body painter artist nyc bodypainting day


Angela Rene Roberts is a participant of NYC Bodypainting Day on July 18, 2015.

Twitter: @AngelaRRoberts