Artist Jacqueline Renaud

Born and raised on the waters of the east coast, Jacqueline has made a name for herself in the brilliant colors and array of canvasses that wiggle under her brush.

Open to the world around her as well as the different styles of art, she has perfectly balanced her craft onto not only human canvases but anything within her dreamscape.

“Art in motion has always pushed me forward, a piece in a gallery may be beautiful, and it may easily last longer than the artist themselves. But that’s not the beauty I want to create. I want to amplify life in the moment, with all the motions to capture the majestic blur that it is.”

Living to her own standards of life in the motions, Jacqueline has created a paradise for herself in the clouds up above. Always traveling to art shows, city to city performing her much anticipated displays of precision. For the past two years she has performed in New York’s Body Art show, where she has been invited over ever since her first appearance in 2013. Along with participating in local events and shows in all the Miami Art Districts. At the Texas Dragons Ball she launched her first show with nothing but success creating a platform that provoked her talents forward in early 2012.

Jacqueline Renaud is a participant of NYC Bodypainting Day on July 18, 2015.

artist jacqueline renaud body painter bodypainting day nyc

artist jacqueline renaud body painter bodypainting day nyc