Artist Justin K. Stomp

“Whew, okay…here we go…Comic books, comic books, comic books, comic books. When I was I was a child (Note: I’m still very much a child, I’m just more tired.), three things gave me a joy no one could replicate, they were as follows…

1. Ninja Turtles.

2. Candy and all things chocolate. Of the truly great lovers that have graced my lifetime, none can hold a candle to my deep and wild passion for chocolate but don’t you dare hold a candle to my chocolate…it’ll get melty.

3. Comic books and all things sequential in art.

One day, while surely in the depths of a candy induced frenzy, I was angry that Ninja Turtles wasn’t on and that all my comic books were old…I decided to tackle this problem with both hands and began to make my own Ninja Turtle comic books. I stabbed and scribbled with my markers at scraps of cardboard and loose leaf paper till these bits and pieces of scrap and trash took on a visage of a comic book.
These comics I made were crude at best and bore no resemblance to the highly polished, glossed out action panels I was use to devouring and thus, angered me more. I tried again and again and again and when I got bored with that, I did it some more. I studied comic books purchased at the grocer for any tips and tricks I could steal from those artists and adopt as my own and add to my arsenal.

Little did my mind know, those comics, those comics that rot brains and seduce the innocent, were planting a seed, a seed that when germinated created a retaining wall of memory for anatomy, perspective, color and texture. A seed that would leech all my attention, time, words, energy, strength and constantly make me see the world for the psychotropic wonderland it is…or rather, can be.”

Justin K. Stomp is participating in NYC Bodypainting on July 18, 2015.

artist justin k stomp mural artwork bodypainting day


artist justin k stomp artwork bodypainting day


artist justin k stomp mural artwork bodypainting day