Artist Kidlew

Born Chorean (half Chinese / half Korean) in Queens, NY, Kidlew took to Pop culture immediately. Drawing influences from Looney Tunes to Disney, Kidlew was off to the rat race. It wasn’t long before Kidlew got involved with skateboard culture while listening to punk, gansta rap and heavy metal. Kidlew first experienced graffiti and street culture while riding  the subways in the 70’s with his grandmother. After he saw his first Keith Haring subway piece, it wasn’t long before he found his way into the street art world. Influenced by the entire NYC pop scene of the 80’s Kidlew has taken everything he grew up on and thrown it back into the blender to create what he deems “HALOZ WUZ HERE”!

Kidlew’s work belongs in collections all around the world and has shown in a variety of solo and group shows with galleries in the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia. Kidlew is not Banksy…but painted a mural next to him at the Carlton Arms Hotel.

kidlew artist 5 pointz mural bodypainting day nyc

5 Pointz Mural by Kidlew

kidlew artist artwork bodypainting day nyc

kidlew artist artwork bodypainting day nyc

Kidlew is participating in NYC Bodypainting Day on July 18, 2015.

For more Kidlew you can go to
Twitter: @kidlewnyc
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