Artist Marjorie Kouns

Marjorie Kouns is an artist and actor with studios in New York City and New Orleans. She has mounted exhibitions in Berlin, Istanbul, Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, and Washington D.C.

Body As Canvas (BAC) performance series of dance, music and bodypainting was featured in a group show in Chicago at WomanMade Gallery curated by Mary King. ‘BAC’ was recently presented at the ‘Look but Don’t Touch Nude Show’ 2012 at Bossier Arts Council in Bossier City, Louisiana. ‘Body As Canvas’ has been performed at select venues in Los Angeles and New York City, and Omniart honoring Art Basel/Miami 2004-05.

Kouns found her calling in the ‘public’ studio and soon began to create public art first in her own neighborhood and soon all over the world. Her first installation was created in New York’s Washington Sq. Park in 2005. Here, she created Well-Lit Chess Pieces with hugely over-sized chess pieces and whimsical lampshades that adorned the lights along the four corner park entrances. It was a visual sensation and a very popular attraction for both locals and tourists.

Other public art commissions soon followed worldwide. Her focus is on connecting the public to art by encouraging active participation in the creative process. “I get excited to see how the creative mind works in others by giving them the opportunity to try their own hand at this task,” says Kouns.

Marjorie Kouns is participating in NYC Bodypainting Day on July 18, 2015.


Marjorie Kouns "To invite the public to experience being painted in a customized design."

Marjorie Kouns “To invite the public to experience being painted in a customized design.”