Artist Niazja Blessed Rios

Blessed is a full time freelance creative. A published poet at the age of 11 and a published model at 19. She has worked with T.V., print, film, fashion shows and all in between. In all her works she seeks to inspire as well as be inspired by the world around her, creating yet simultaneously diminishing ignorance and replacing it with learning or educating. She also seeks to remind others that they too are Blessed. Did you forget? 😉

She is an advocate for The Vigil4International Peace and Ecology and art director for various productions in NYC. Contact NiazjaBlessed [at[ for bookings and inquiries.

Her skills include:
-Event coordination
-Creative writing
-Body painting/ Modeling
-Creative planning/ Artistic direction
-Creative Styling
-Booking Additional Talent

Niazja Blessed Rios is participating in NYC Bodypainting Day on July 18, 2015.

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Niazja Blessed Rios

Art by Niazja Blessed Rios