Model Participation Fee is $50:
Over 200 models will be painted in the most public streets in the world...
Times Square! A staff of artists will assist and the modEach model will have a Approximately 25 volunteer artists will be selected to assist in Body Notes.
The event goes as follows: A group of at over 200 models will have a
simple painting of a rectangle on the chest of each model. The artists will
sketch out the rectangle. The models will fill inside the rectangle with one
color and the outside with another color. When this is complete the artists
will paint in the pre-approved sayings inside the rectangle. Models with
painting skills can paint in the sayings as well. Artists also do general
assistance for any difficulties that models may have in the painting. The
models will do the vast majority of the painting including thickening of the
letters. It is recommended for artists to bring in their own brushes for
All artists will receive free entry to the private fundraising event later that evening.
Application Process:
Accepted artists will receive an email letting you know if you are accepted.
DATE: Friday, June 9th, 2017 (rain or shine)
LOCATION: Times Square (exact location TBD)
11:30am-1pm:      Artist/Model registration
:                  Live Bodypainting (includes cleanup)
4-4:30pm:             Photo Shoot on the Bleachers
7pm-?:                  Private Fundraising Event

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NYC Body Notes
NYC Bodypainting Day
Amsterdam Bodypainting Day

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