Amsterdam Artist Application

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There is no application fee
There is an Artist Participation Fee of 25 which includes:
model, paint, all paint supplies (except brushes), snacks, drinks, lunch, official Bodypainting Day shirt, permanent listing on Website
Here's the 6-color palette. Kryolan is the sponsor for the event.
You can bring your own colors as long as the brand of paint is Kryolan.
We are planning a Canal
Boat Ride to the after-party, which is NOT included in the 25 fee. The cost is approximately 5. We are also planning a pre-party on Friday evening and an after-party on Saturday night. We are working on arranging food and/or drink specials. Once again, these costs are not included in the 25 fee.
Application Process:
Accepted artists will receive an email with a link to pay the Artist Fee
Prior to the event, the website will feature participating artists, which includes artists name and photo of their work. After the event, this will be replaced by the artists name and a photo from Bodypainting Day, which will remain permanently on the website.
DATE: Saturday, August 20th, 2016
LOCATION: Museumplein
SCHEDULE (subject to change)
11am-noon: Artist/Model registration
noon-4pm: Live Bodypainting
4-5pm: March through the Streets
5-6pm: Boat Ride through the Canals
6pm-?: Dinner & After-Party

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