Amsterdam Artist Info Sheet

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Saturday, August 20th
11am-noon…Artists & models sign-in/registration
noon-4pm…Live Bodypainting
4-5pm…March through the Public Streets
5-6pm…Boat Ride through the Canals
6pm-?…Dinner & After-Party

No Bodypainting Experience Necessary

We are looking for talented and dedicated artists with a voice. Various styles are great, the more diverse, the better.
We love body painters, but we also want to share this interactive art with “normal” artists.

No Grades

This is not a competition. Since you’re not being judged, you are free to paint whatever you want. You can’t get in trouble. This year’s theme is “Inner Beauty,” which is very vague on purpose and may be confusing. The idea is to find something from within your model to inspire you as you paint their outside. It can be literal or abstract. Have fun, be creative, no grades!

The Models

Are average people. Some are nudists and others just like the idea of using their bodies to help create art. Models come in all shapes and sizes, ages (18+) and genders. Supported by the theme of “Inner Beauty,” the variety of body types pushes us all to see the person as who they are on the inside. All models and artists will be matched up randomly at registration, on the day of the event. This makes it harder to plan, but it also pushes people to just “go with the flow.”

Please be conscientious of your model. Make sure they are comfortable. If they are hungry or tired, make sure they eat or rest. It can be tiring standing in one position for hours at a time. Artists are required to bring a towel for models to stand on. After the painting is complete, we will be marching through the streets and riding a boat through the canals. During the march and during group photos taken of all of the models, artists need to carry their models belongings for them.

The Public

Crowds of people will be watching you during the entire painting. This is a great opportunity for people to see the artistic process. This is for the public to share. That being said, if anyone is saying or doing anything that is inappropriate, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any event staff. Please do not engage in any confrontation. We have you covered so that you can create your best art.


All models are full nude. So we’re all going to see some shapes that we haven’t seen before. And that’s a good thing because it creates an atmosphere of acceptance that is special to be a part of. Some people feel that it is unnecessary to have the models full nude, especially the men. I think it’s unnecessary for nudity to be such a big deal, since it’s our most natural form. The idea of nudity is far more shocking than the nudity itself.

Some Rules

This is a painting event. No costumes, headdresses, props, etc. It’s just the body and the painting.