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Andy Golub On NYC Body Painting Day 2014

Andy Golub Shares Some Thoughts About NYC Bodypainting Day 2014

(Post by body paint artist Andy Golub – the mastermind behind NYC Bodypainting Day 2014)

I’ve painted groups of models in public many times, so I felt like I knew what to expect. But this was something different about NYC Bodypainting Day that caught me by surprise.

I guess it was because there were many models and so many other artists.

There was this one moment where I felt a surge of energy in the air. It was like everybody was in the same place, all of the artists, models, photographers and hundreds of spectators. It was an energy of freedom and community that I had never felt before.

Soon after that moment, something fell and then somebody got mad at somebody else and then things were back to normal.

I realized though that Bodypainting Day was special. People kept talking about next year’s event. We had just done this one thing and it was already an annual event.

I look forward to seeing what the magic feels like when we double the size in New York City and introduce a Bodypainting Day in Amsterdam.

This short post by body painter Andy Golub was published by Bodypainting Day.

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