Kryolan Sponsorship

For the 3rd year in a row, Kryolan is Sponsoring Bodypainting Day with their beautiful colors! Thank You! (photos coming soon) A reminder to artists, only 9 days left until the June 1st deadline… Apply Now!

The Philosophy of Bodypainting Day

NYC Bodypainting Day is about promoting artistic expression, body acceptance and connecting through art.Artists and models share a unique bond as the body painting art is created. By painting in full public view, the artists expose their process and the models expose their bodies. Bodypainting Day is about being vulnerable and trusting each other. Bodypainting […]

Are Cops Real People

There’s a natural adversarial relationship between freedom of speech people (like me) and law enforcement. It’s understandable because the freedom of speech people are waiting to get hassled (and it happens). And the cops are waiting for the freedom of speech people to push it too far (and that happens). When pushing the limits, I […]

Everybody has their own experience…

I know what Bodypainting Day is about to me… but it’s about something different to each person involved… it’s like a painting…it’s not just the artist, but also the viewer… it’s about the experience itself… it’s about making art that can’t be bought… it’s about connecting with people… it’s about a dialogue without words… it’s […]

What’s it all about?

BODYPAINTING DAY is a public art event in which a large group of professional artists paint on the bodies of nude models over a 4 hour period in full public view. WHY? For the greater good. To make the world a better place. HOW is this for the greater good? It benefits everyone involved; the […]

12 Reasons To Love Nudity & Celebrate NYC Bodypainting Day July 18th, 2015

12 Reasons To Love Nudity And Celebrate NYC Bodypainting Day July 18th (rain date: 19th)  Posted: 07/16/2015 8:15 pm EDT You don’t have to strip down to your birthday suit to celebrate NYC Bodypainting Day, but it’s something you might want to consider. Here’s why: 1  It’s Free Michael Loccisano via Getty Images Just come […]

NYC Bodypainting Day 2015

On March 30, Bodypainting Day was successfully funded through our Kickstarter campaign. Now it is coming back twice as big in its 2nd year in NYC! On Saturday, July 18, 70 artists will paint 90 fully nude models of all shapes and sizes in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th St at 2nd Ave), including volunteers from […]

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Andy Golub On NYC Body Painting Day 2014

Andy Golub Shares Some Thoughts About NYC Bodypainting Day 2014 (Post by body paint artist Andy Golub – the mastermind behind NYC Bodypainting Day 2014) I’ve painted groups of models in public many times, so I felt like I knew what to expect. But this was something different about NYC Bodypainting Day that caught me by surprise. […]