NYC Bodypainting Day: Artists & Body Painters

NYC Bodypainting Day: Information for Artists & Body Painters

We are currently accepting artist applications for NYC Bodypainting Day on Saturday, July 18, 2015.

Who Can Apply

Artists do not need to be body painters, and no experience is necessary with body painting. This event will have street artists, traditional painters, body painters and other types of artists.

It’s important to note that Bodypainting Day is different than any other body painting event.

First of all, it’s not a competition. There’s nobody to please but yourself. You’re free to say and paint whatever you want. The point of it is self-expression.

The audience is the general public. We are not there to entertain them. We are there to connect with them through our art. It’s not about deciding which art is the best. It’s about experiencing the moment, watching the art develop.

I encourage artists to allow themselves to be spontaneous. It’s fine to have a plan or bring reference material if you’d like, but it’s important to realize that your instinct, your impulses are all allowed here.

The theme for Bodypainting Day 2015 is “What the World Needs Now…” Some people may take this literally, which is fine. But it can be interpreted in almost any way. It can even be a purely abstract painting. The art should speak to the theme, but it doesn’t need to be something that people can necessarily understand or that you would be able to articulate.

Body Acceptance

This is also not a traditional body painting event in that the models are all different ages, genders, races, shapes and sizes. This event is not about painting on the “prettiest” or “sexiest” canvas. It’s about celebrating all bodies and connecting with another human being through art.

nyc body painting day 2014 central park all bodies are good bodies banner

Following the tradition of Andy’s public body painting, all models are fully nude. At this event we are challenging the idea that the human body is something to be ashamed of, the idea that it’s dangerous and needs to be hidden away, and that only people who fit society’s beauty standards have the privilege of being naked in public.

Bodypainting Day is about accepting and empowering people as they are, without shame.

For many people, painting a fully nude model is something that they’re not used to. Just as painting in full public view may be something new. But we’re all doing it together, literally hundreds of us. And when the public sees the variety of body types, different sizes, ages and genders, they quickly realize that this event is not about entertaining, but about sharing.

How It Works

Artists submit their application through this website. There is no application fee. We accept artists on an ongoing basis.

If and when you get accepted, you will be sent a link to pay the $125 fee to participate.

This fee includes:
• Kryolan body paints
• Model(s) are provided
• Lunch is provided
• Entry to the Double Decker Bus Ride
• Entrance to the private After-Party
• Official Bodypainting Day T-shirt
• Official Bodypainting Day Button
• Listing on website

Artists need to bring their own brushes and a towel for their model to stand on.

kryolan body paints nyc bodypainting day palette artists

Each artist will be working with this color palette of Kryolan body paints at NYC Bodypainting Day 2015

Pairing Up Artists & Models:

Artists and Models will be matched up through a random process. You will be given your model at registration at the event.

HOWEVER, there will be more models than artists. Some artists will paint more than one model.
Most of the models will be assigned to artists in advance, but there will be a small group of “stand-by” models who will be assigned to artists on an ongoing basis at the event.
This is not for models to worry. ALL accepted models will be painted.

If you are interested in painting more than one model, please contact Andy at

Schedule of Events (subject to change):

11AM Artists & models sign-in / registration
NOON-4PM Live Bodypainting
4-5PM March to United Nations
5-7PM Ride on two Double-Decker Buses
7-9PM Private After-Party at No Malice Palace

Artists will have 4 hours to paint starting at noon. Painting will take place in a cordoned-off area. We will be in public view, but will have our own space with boundaries established.

A team of security people will be present throughout the event to ensure the comfort of everyone and address any issues that may arise (though most people know how to behave respectfully and appropriately).

A group of official event photographers will also be there, and they are permitted to be within our event area.

After the painting is completed, there are other activities. The order, timing and location of these activities are subject to change, but the schedule above is a general outline.

At 4pm, artists and models will clean up their area. Then we will all march through the streets to the United Nations. We will take photos along the way. At 5pm, two or three double decker buses will arrive. All artists and models will pose for a group shot taken from the bus.

At 5:30pm we will ride the bus throughout New York City, visiting various landmarks. Only artists, models and staff will be permitted on the bus, and only models will be permitted on the top deck. We may get out of the bus for a group photo along the way.

At 7pm, the bus will drop us off at a private after-party venue, where some food and drinks will be served. The after-party is over at 9pm. Bodypainting Day is over at 9pm.

Click here to see the 2014 list of artists.