Gothamist Article: July 27, 2014

NSFW Photos: Nude Models (In Body Paint) Swarm Times Square

Times Square was a little more unusual yesterday, with dozens of naked models, clad in only body paint, frolicking amongst the tourists and the violent comic book characters. The occasion: NYC Bodypainting Day, an event created by artist and body painter extraordinaire Andy Golub.

Golub and a model were briefly arrested three years ago for public lewdness when he was painting on her—she was topless (which is legal!) and had a G-string on. Lately, though, no one has been batting an eye and, for NYC Bodypainting Day, the Parks Department gave him a permit for the procession, which started at Columbus Circle, made its way through Central Park and then ended up in Times Square.

Our photographer Sai Mohktari noted:

Was a funny contrast to see people’s reactions around Columbus Circle and Central Park vs. Times Square. We all walked past picnicking families at the park and the reaction for the most part was “Oh, art!”/cool.Once we got to Times Square, people started ogling and reacting more. One girl covered her sister’s eyes. Overheard lots of “ew!”s, etc… Reactions certainly weren’t all negative, but there was definitely more shock in the air around Times Square.

The artist told PIX 11, “We’re not using nudity as a form of exploitation. It’s all about body acceptance, accepting each other as we are.” Indeed: The male and female bodies were of various ages, shapes and colors (ultimately ending up shades of blue).Golub hopes NYC Bodypainting Day 2015 will have a 1,000 naked models.