The People Who Made BodyPainting Day Possible



Andy Golub

Andy has won the legal battles that have paved the way for nude public bodypainting in the streets of New York City.

He is the Producer of all Bodypainting Day events. He oversees artist and model selection, sponsorship, promotion and expanding the event into other cities.

jordan felicity 1

Jordan Blum & Felicity Jones

Jordan & Felicity are co-founders of Young Naturists America and have worked with Andy on many art projects.

They are in charge of model selection, play an advisory role in Bodypainting Day, promotion and expanding into other cities.


Craig Tracy

Craig is a former Champion at the World Bodypainting Festival, owner of the Craig Tracy Bodypainting Gallery in New Orleans, and a celebrity judge on the reality show, Skin Wars.

Craig is the Senior adviser for Bodypainting Day. He is in charge of artist selection and plays a key role in sponsorship.


Lynn Hason

Lynn is a PR specialist in charge of all media relations. Her work at the 2014 NYC Bodypainting Day reached over 1.7 billion media impressions.


Tom Mac

Tom is the lead photographer for NYC Bodypainting Day and has worked with Andy on many bodypainting shoots. Tom plays a major role in organizing the event, expanding it into other cities and sponsorship.


Meres One

Meres One, an iconic NYC graffiti artist and curator of the legendary 5 Pointz aerosol art center will be painting in NYC Bodypainting Day and will bring in select street artists in New York and Amsterdam.

Meres was selected by famous UK singer Joss stone, to bodypaint her for the cover of her album in 2008.