How to bring Bodypainting Day to a city near you…

There aren’t many cities that an event like Bodypainting Day can take place.

There are 4 main criteria:

1) It is full nude
2) Models are both male and female and of various body types
3) The painting is open to the public
4) A permit is issued or permission from local authorites

The event itself is pretty simple:

1) Set Up: (10-11am)
2) Registration (11am-noon)
3) Live Painting (noon-4pm)
4) March (4-5pm)-OPTIONAL
5) Double Decker Bus Ride (5-6pm)-OPTIONAL
6) Dinner and After Party-(6pm-?)-OPTIONAL

Details of the event:

1) A public space is selected
2) An area is cordoned off to separate the artists & models from the viewing public
3) At registration, artists and models are matched up randomly on the day of the event
4) At registration, artists, models and event photographers sign a release form (forms will be on the website)
5) At registration, artists are provided with all painting materials EXCEPT brushes
6) Artists paint for 4 hours in full public view (including cleanup)
7) Activities such as double-decker bus ride and after-party are optional based on permission from local authorities
8) Snacks, drinks and Lunch are provided
9) A large tent or canopy will provide shelter in case of rain
10) There needs to be access to public bathrooms or portable toilets need to be rented

Through the website:

1) Artists, models and event photographers apply and are selected through the website
2) Artists and models fees are paid through the website
3) Prior to the event, artists are featured on the website: name, a sample of their work and a quote
4) After the event, artists are permanently featured on the website: name and photo of artwork from the event

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