NYC Model Info Sheet

Apply Here

Model Applications for NYC Bodypainting Day are now open.

Event takes place on Saturday, July 9th, 2016 (rain date: July 10th)
at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza (47th Street between 1st-2nd Avenues).

All Bodies are Good Bodies

We don’t prefer any particular shape or size, gender or age (other than 18 and up). The great thing about body painting is that each canvas is one of a kind. The theme of Bodypainting Day this year is “Inner Beauty” which encourages artists to see the personality that lies under the skin for artistic inspiration.

The Artists

Just like the models, we are encouraged by artists with different approaches to art. They include body painters, graffiti artists and dare I say, “canvas painters.” But most of all, we are bringing in artists who have a voice that they want to share with the public. Models and artists will be paired up randomly at registration on the day of the event.

Be Comfortable

Artists are not just painting you, but looking after you. But you need to look after yourself as well. Standing still for long periods of time can be very tiring. Make sure to sit down, eat and drink as needed. That way you are emitting the most positive energy and inspiring the best art.

After the paintings are complete, we will be marching through the streets and riding on double-decker buses. During the march and during group photos taken of all of the models, artists will carry their models belongings for them. It’s a good idea to pack light and bring a knapsack or something that is easy to carry.

The Public

Hundreds of people will be watching you the entire time. Cameras and cell phones will be taking photos constantly. This is a great opportunity for people to watch the transformational process. But sometimes people can make models feel uncomfortable. And it may not be anything in particular that they’re doing. Don’t hesitate to let your artist know or any staff member. Please do not engage in any confrontation. We are well staffed and have you covered.


I have great respect for people who are willing to be nude in public for the sake of art. I believe that it makes a powerful statement to others about loving yourself. With that it mind, all models must be full nude to participate. Models can either undress all at once or as the painting progresses.

Schedule of Events:

11am-noon…Artists & models sign-in/registration
noon-4pm…Live Bodypainting
4:30-6:30pm…Double-Decker bus ride through NYC

Models will be painted for 4 hours in a cordoned-off area, in full public view. A team of security will be present throughout the event to ensure the comfort of everyone and address any issues that may arise.