The Philosophy of Bodypainting Day

NYC Bodypainting Day is about promoting artistic expression, body acceptance and connecting through art.Artists and models share a unique bond as the body painting art is created.

By painting in full public view, the artists expose their process and the models expose their bodies.

Bodypainting Day is about being vulnerable and trusting each other.

Bodypainting Day is not a protest. It’s about artistic expression.

And by simply expressing ourselves, we naturally challenge many social norms.

Bodypainting Day challenges the purpose of the public space.

Today the public space is dominated by advertising. It’s all about business, profit and money.

Bodypainting Day is about the sharing of ideas.

We challenge the purpose of art. The body paint washes off at the end of the day. Yes, it can be photographed, but it can never fully capture the transformation that takes place. Bodypainting Day is about living in the moment.

When models remove their clothes, they strip away their social status symbols. They become only themselves. When the body paint is applied they are reinvented. They become art.

Bodypainting Day is about body acceptance which is to say that it’s about people acceptance.

Trust, empowerment, acceptance, expression and connection. These are things we can always use more of. But in today’s world of technology, connecting with each other seems more and more rare. Art can bring us closer together.

The only way to truly appreciate Bodypainting Day is to see it in person and feel the positive energy in the air.

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