Changing the way the world looks at bodies one stroke at a time!
-Dorothy Coleman, Model


People aren’t gawking. They’re not aghast. They are interested in a community spirit kind of way.
-Joe Churilla, Model (see video)

matt= copy

It felt like NYC just gave us a million high fives. -Matt Deifer, Artist


I was a neverous-wreck when I got to Columbus Circle about being painted publicly but you all made it so seamlessly beautiful and we were like a connected art mural.
-Sake Fevah, Model


Walking down Broadway to Times Square was an unforgettable experience. I absolutely cannot wait to do it again!
-Alicia Cobb, Artist


What a great assignment!
-Magee Hickey, Journalist WPIX


A wonderful day it was. Hated to wash paint off. Wanted to go to yoga the next day and then skydiving wearing it.
-Jack Van Riper Jr., Model


When people see other people painted…they say, "I could do that. I could be that free."
-Rachel DeBoer, Model


It was fun to watch the reactions of pedestrians...people broke out into big smiles upon seeing us.
-Felicity Jones, Model, Co-founder YNA


I think it's funny that I went as a model, and still took over a hundred photos.
-James Curran, Model

read James' story here


It was one of the best days of my life. I feel so lucky to have been a part of it.
-Stephanie Bernstein Pollard, Model


You’re creating art but you're also creating a community and you’re also influencing the values of our society. And I think it's important.
-Jordan Blum, Co-Founder YNA