What’s it all about?

BODYPAINTING DAY is a public art event in which a large group of professional artists paint on the bodies of nude models over a 4 hour period in full public view.
WHY? For the greater good. To make the world a better place.
HOW is this for the greater good? It benefits everyone involved; the artists, the models and the public.
The ARTISTS get to share their voice with the public. So often, the artists skills are in full view, but their voices are hidden, promoting a product or focusing on sales. Bodypainting Day is a non-commercial event that focuses on the artists voice, which is essential to a healthy society and sadly it is too often missing. Bodypainting Day gives a platform for the artist to speak to many thousands of spectators live and millions through social media. Every year, the theme is intentionally vague to encourage artists to share something personal and meaningful. Last year’s theme was “What the World Needs Now…” and this year’s theme is “Inner Beauty”, encouraging artists to connect with their respective model for artistic inspiration.
Bodypainting Day gives MODELS the opportunity to embrace themselves and to use their bodies to become living art. Unlike what people would expect from a body painting event, the models are ordinary people. It is very common for models to find the process of getting painted to be a liberating experience, especially when it is done in public. Models range in age, size and gender. Past models include people in their 70’s, plus-size, transgender and people with various health conditions such as cancer and cerebral palsy. Bodypainting Day gives people a chance to embrace themselves, by standing proud in public.
And the PUBLIC gets to see all types of bodies, which is rare in itself, but is especially important since the perception of the human form is twisted by advertising and the media, which is the source of anxiety for so many of us. It is also an opportunity to see in person, the artistic process of many artists all at once, each with their own unique approach. And maybe most importantly, it’s an opportunity to connect with each other through art.
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